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Ready to Learn the Maghribi Mabsut?

Here you will find some of my latest updates, video course and my published book: The Maghrbi Mabsut script. order your copy today click below.

Latest Artworks

Quran bifolio in Maghribi Mabsut script

Bismillahi: Maghribi Mujawhar script

Ejaza Program. Mastery path

An Ejaza ( إجازة ) is a traditional and historic teaching system that has been passed from generations from our teachers and master in calligraphy. It is a continuous chain of masters from Ali Inb Abi Taleb May Allah be pleased upon him up to our current teachers and students.

Calligraphy Courses & Supplies

Maghribi Qalams

Maghribi Mabsut Script: A Beginner’s Guide & Practice Book

Maghribi Mabsut: Online video Courses

Featured maghribi course

4-Weeks Arabic calligraphy course: A Beginners guide to write the Maghribi Mabsut style script.

This course will teach you how to write the Maghribi Mabsut Script step by step and will also provide you with practice sheets handout as pdf file for the letters to supplement the video demonstrations.

In each unit you will learn how to write the correct proportions and scales of one Arabic letter by using the Nuqta (dot) as unit of measurement.

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