Rabi Yassir Wala Tuaasir

This is a Dua’a (prayer) to ask Allah for making think easy and not difficult. It can be translated to:

ربِّ يسِّر و لا تعًسِّر
“O Allah make it easy and do not make it difficult”

It is also know by calligrapher who wish to start learning Arabic Calligraphy, they are asked by their master once he has agreed to teach them, to write this Dua’a and short paragraph for the following reasons:

See the ability and quality of his student calligraphy writing.
Compare the first writing attempt of the student and compare it later after he has finished the single Arabic letters and some sentences.
Allow the teacher to make corrections, give advises and recommendation for the student

Usually the student is not asked to perfect the writing As the student is just starting his calligraphy  journey, his teacher will be much tolerant with his level.

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