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A Maghribi Qalam – Throughout generations and in the Arabic Maghrib (North Africa currently know as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) Pens are usually made from bamboo or reed pen and cut into round handle with a sharp nib opposite to the Mashriqi (Eastern) Qalams.

This Qalam will help you write the Maghribi Mabsut and similar script and gives you a beautiful results similar to the ancient Islamic manuscripts.

This type of pen is rolled in cotton strings to make is round and enable a good grip when writing. Muslim scribes used to write the Holy Qura’an and other faith and supplications books.

If you would like to learn how to write the Maghribi Mabsut script then please get in touch here

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A Maghribi Qalam РPen is usually made from bamboo or reed pen as round handle  with a sharp nib opposite to the Mashriqi (Eastern) Qalams Рpens.

Measurement: 18 -20 cm long and thickness (diameter) may vary from 1 mm to 2 mm.

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