Ejaza in Maghribi Mabsut Script

What is Ejaza in Arabic Calligraphy?

An Ejaza ( إجازة ) is a traditional and historic teaching system that has been passed from generations from our teachers and master in calligraphy.
It is a continuous chain of masters from Ali Inb Abi Taleb May Allah be pleased upon him up to our current teachers and students.

When you learn from a master in calligraphy you don’t save time only but you learn the correct techniques and tips from an experienced teacher and mentor.

Acquiring an Ejaza takes time and commitments. You start by learning single alphabets, then combined and joining alphabets , making short sentences and paragraphs. after mastering each level your master will grant you the permission to go to the next.

When your master is happy with your quality of calligraphy writing you will be granted an Ejaza to write your name underneath your work and you will be in the chain of masters and you may be granted the permission to teach others.

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If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please get in touch and I will happy to help.

How to start

If you would like to learn and acquire an Ejaza in Maghribi Mabsut script, then please follow these steps.

Step 1

Get in touch with me via email, in my contact page or on my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/ak1design
Then please send a sample of your calligraphy (Maghribi) style in a form of a hadith, a sentence. The best way is to write the famous “Rabi Yassir Wa La Tuasser.” if you can’t find it online email and I can send you a sample to copy.

Step 2

Once I receive your artwork , I will evaluate the level of the quality of your calligraphy, then I will send you my feedback. If you are a complete beginner then you may take firs and introduction course to the Maghribi mabsut to enable understand the basics then you can start the Ejaza program.

If your level good the I will be in contact and agree on the program and how we can start.

Step 3

We will start writing the single alphabets first. this may be a weekly practices. upon completion we will start the next phase which is the joining or combined letters.

The combined alphabets is the opractice of joining two letter together for each alphabet, starting from Alif Ba, Alif Jim and Ha, Alif Dal, Alif Seen and so on.

Then again we start with Ba Alif, Ba ba, Ba dal …. until we finish all the alphabets.

Step 4

In these phase we will be writing sentences and paragraphs, some verses from the Quran and Hadeeths or poems .

Step 5

the final phase will be preparing and writing your final project which is your Ejaza and master piece of work.


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